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Every donation received, whether large or small, helps us to provide the vital medical, nursing and care services that make Mercy Hospice Auckland Hospice such a special place.

Donate Online

Use our secure server to make an online donation

Mail a Donation

appreciation of care brochure

Mail a donation to Mercy Hospice Auckland, PO Box 47 693, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144. All donations are tax deductible so please include your name and address details.
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Set up an Automatic Payment

A regular gift from you will help us plan for the future with confidence and thus ensure continued care. Setting up a monthly or yearly automatic payment with your bank is a simple thing to do. Please phone Rebecca McCaughan on 361-599 or email for details.

Tax Information

IRD has lifted the refund limit on charitable donations. Any individual who makes a gift of $5 or more to a charitable organisation from 2008/09 tax year onwards can claim 1/3 of their taxable income or 1/3 of the total donations made in that tax year, which ever is the lesser amount.

The 5% limit on deductions that companies can claim on charitable donations has been lifted. Companies are now entitled to deduct from their net income any donations made to a charitable organisation as an expense. The total amount that can be deducted is limited only by the amount of the company's net income.


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